Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Still do you want to be his/her girlfriend/boyfriend?

Being in and out of a relationship I realised how confusing and complex it can be with an opposite sex. A small change in the relationship status can bring about tremendous results and consiquenses. I want to share some of my insights regarding it with a help of a small story.

Like in every story there was a boy and there was a girl. They considered each as their best friends. They used to do many things like study, eat and enjoy together. They enjoyed each others company very much. When one was busy the other would not disturb. There were also times they could not speak or meet each other consistently but later when they did meet, the environment between was still the same. They would also eye other people, sometime flirt with them and it did not matter. While the relationship was going so well, a small idea came into boy's mind which is later discussed with his best friend. The boy's idea was that why don't we be girlfriend and boyfriend than just being friends? Afterall they were doing many things together and enjoyed each others company! Girl took some time and finally agreed.

The excitement of entering into a new phase of a relationship masked away those cruel truths which gradually came to light. Though the rules of how a boyfriend and girlfriend should be is never written or told, its been followed by the generation. Some rules are like they should meet daily and go out, there must not be a day when they did not speak to each other, they must not show interest in any other people other than their boyfriend or girlfriend etc. These two free birds had a hard time complying to these rules and making their relationship work though these rules were insisted by them on themselves. Now, even petty things like sending a good morning text message mattered. Girl needed surprises from her boy for every occasion she can possibly name, she needed him to answer all her silly dilemmas, she needed him to assist her by leaving his job in the midsts and so on. Boy was very strict about her speaking to other guys, he needed her to wear clothes approved by him, he needed some time alone in a day and many more. The boy's original thought of they becoming girlfriend and boyfriend was to have more closure with his girl. Girl agreed to it because she felt it would be good for her as she knows him well. But it never went as they both thought which is not a surprise for us who have seen far more worse cases. Later what happened is quite common I guess. They broke after their relationship reached to that unrepairable state where the both them swore they never even see each other's face if they can help it.

So don't you think being as just friends was better in their case?

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Search

Walked on a deserted road
Searching for something that was not there
So lost due to work load
While thinking my life was not fair

Lethargy did not stop my search
My mind was not mine anymore
Though I had paid countless austerties to church
This time it really needed a score

Bright light ended my long quest
My eyes were closed and arms were open
When I totally merged into its crest
Which could happen only once in one life!

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Beast in Me

Soul torn apart by the deeds
Heart stone cold
A mindless creature roams by
Deep within me
I fear I will change though I don't want to
This lust of power of mine knew no bounds.
I know things which i should not know
I realise I made bad choices
I will do anything if I can change back
Even if the task is presumed impossible.
Though I've everything I ever wanted
Still it does not fill the void
I fear my own desires
Don't know till what extent will it drive me
I have changed into some unknown beast from inside
But my intellect is intact
Though it can do nothing
As its been supressed for too long.
It can only wail and wail
When I find myself nearing my end every moment!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Computer Kid

Glued to the chair on which he sat
He typed hard tat tat tat
His eyes behind glasses were wide open
While he clicked on the window to make it reopen

"Oh i c" he wrote on his IRC
Digital images appeared in his fantasy
Updated his status in facebook
On a funny video he commented look look look!

He had almost forgot to tweet
So he commented on a girl's tweet 'Its so sweet!'
Accepted a friend request in orkut
Then he watched an adult movie uncut

He ended his day with a final status
It said "I'm gonna sleep. Don't make a big fuss."
He thought one day down wasted glued to computer
So what if a day went , tomorrow is another!