Thursday, July 3, 2014


Each day When I see your text
I think hard what to say next
Each time I know you are typing
In my stomach I feel butterflies flying

For every question you ask
Answering feels like my main task
For every question I send
It feels it was better with a slight amend

Time just flies while I chat with you
Don't wanna go offline even for minutes few
I just wish my net connection knew this
Because many a time your chats are the ones I miss

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Why am I just an option in your life
When I already consider you my future wife?
Why am I given the least priority
When I have given you full authority?

Why do your friends has more right?
When I do not take your words light
Why do you compare me with your ex?
When you know on me it affects

Why do you say let us break up?
When I would do anything to make it up
Why do we drift so far each day?
When I wanna carry you to a land faraway!