Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lady in My Dream

She is the lady in my dream
I know not her name, I know not her face
But I alwas feel her presence
As she trots teasingly in my world

She is the lady in my dream
I know not who she is, I know not where she from
But she knows I watch her daily
As she wantingly hides her small face

She is the lady in my dream
I know not her reasons, I know not her ways
But she reappears in my dream each night
As a flower blossoms amidst the thorns

She is the lady in my dream
I know not her place, I know not her time
But one day I will know who she is
As she is the lady in my dream

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My First Real Girlfriend

She is my first real girlfriend
She crossed all boundaries of my expectations
She was once my best friend
I fell for her though I had no such intentions

She is my love and a wonderful dream
I cannot imagine a life without her
She is my life's supporting beam
So I will support her even if my thoughts differ

I wanna be with her all my life
I know she will be mine forever
I wanna make her my dream wife
And live like this ever and ever!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

It was the Valentine's day
As I was a lover, I was gay
My love had called me up early
But I did not tell I love her truly

She prolonged her call just to hear that word
But for that word I sang like a bird
Impatience prevailed in her voice
And she cut the call finding no choice

I did call her back with a smile
She answered 'WHAT?' in her own dejected style
I replied she would not hear that word today
As this day will not come everyday

She was overjoyed when my gift arrived at her door
I just wanted to surprise nothing more
All my word lovely words were in it
And a date later made everything fit!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Seasonal Reckoning

Cold brings chills down my spine
I shiver making it hard to dine
I makes me think "Was I cold?"
I want to know whom I wronged and was untold

Heat warms my only heart
I know I can make a new start
I hope I'm forgiven
And I want to make things even

Downpour make everything wet
It shows everything cannot be set
Tells me to embrace change
Forget grief and get merry in exchange