Saturday, September 16, 2023

A Party Song


Life is a party

Until you are forty

Oh ho ho ohhh

Enjoy it carefree

Be in a happy spree


Hey hey, hey hey hey

I’m the life of your m**f**cking party

I’m gonna get with all these hotties

All girls like me because I’m big baddie

Oh hey there you cute little shawty

[repeat chorus]


Yo yo yo yo

Girls want a piece of me because I’m funny

Even in winter I make them hot like sunny

I don’t care if they are big or tiny

Gonna have fun with choco and honey

[repeat chorus]

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

A Smile

 A smile needs no reason

Just like a pirate to commit treason

Or for nature to change season

A smile costs no money

Just like a comedian being funny

Or a day when it is sunny

A smile makes you feel good

Just like when you eat yummy food

Or playing with friends in your neighbourhood

A smile makes you look pretty

Just like a girl wearing makeup in the city

Or like a peacefully sleeping kitty