Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Where does the spark go?

By reading the title of this article you should be thinking what spark is he talking about. Folks I am talking about the spark that exists between a boy and a girl (in some cases maybe a a boy and a boy or a girl and a girl too) who are in a relationship together.

At the beginning of any relationship there is a kind of charm that holds both the parties together. At this stage they talk to each other all the time. Go out, roam places and have fun in every small day to day work. But gradually this charm or spark fades away. The small things that they enjoyed before slowly turns monotonous and ends in making them either irritated or loose temper.

Why does it happen? Why does not curiosity and patience stay on for long? Why does a relationship, which was a beautiful part of their life become just a routine? Why both of them no longer feel the need to talk for long just like they did in the starting? Where does the love, care and affection that was being shown go after they have been in the relationship for sometime?

In my opinion if these sparks would hold on a bit longer then relationships would not break easily. Why does the mind needs change so much? I am not saying that all this is the sole reason for break ups but this might be one of the compelling reasons. Maybe if the mind was not so fickle relationships will last longer. Time should make a relationship stronger not weaker. So its time folks keep finding the spark in relationship to keep it healthy and strong!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Google Chrome Browser Extension for My Lines For You

I have a created a simple browser extension for Google Chrome browser which shows the latest 10 posts of this blog. If you are a Chrome user and want to follow my blog please install it to keep up with things I write in this blog.

Chrome Extension Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/my-lines-for-you/lmfbpphmacnnidhnchkojkiolifdoijg

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rise of the social networking frenzy generation

In the future you might see people blackmailing for Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Twitter re-tweets etc. Maybe they will hire robots or people in order to achieve their like count or followers count. Yes people that is where the young generation is heading for. This social networking frenzy generation are on the rise. They beg for likes and shares from their fellow friends/followers. They think that getting maximum number of likes on their status messages and photos is their ultimate goal of their social networking life. They would go to any extent to fulfill this need. For example I see people make their private life public by posting intimate details of their life just for the sake of publicity. Some others post totally fake photos taken from web image search engines with fake emotional stories telling that Facebook will donate money etc.

Why is the generation so obsessed with these virtual numbers? Is it because they cannot achieve their goals in their real life? Or is it because they are shy to communicate with people for real and to cover it up, take these online channels? Whatever the reason they are doing these kind of gimmicks it is very irritating for a person who is a casual social networking user and who uses this channel only to be in touch with his/her distant friends or relatives. These like-mongers get aggressive day by day. They send personal messages begging for likes and shares to people who are least interested in the page or status message. They also write on wall, tag in some random photo just to get attention of people.

I just hope against a dystopian future where social networking users are tortured for their likes, shares, re-tweets etc. If you are one of the people who is trying to get likes/shares out of your friend list by trying some above mentioned tricks please stop such campaign for the love of Facebook!