Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Still do you want to be his/her girlfriend/boyfriend?

Being in and out of a relationship I realised how confusing and complex it can be with an opposite sex. A small change in the relationship status can bring about tremendous results and consiquenses. I want to share some of my insights regarding it with a help of a small story.

Like in every story there was a boy and there was a girl. They considered each as their best friends. They used to do many things like study, eat and enjoy together. They enjoyed each others company very much. When one was busy the other would not disturb. There were also times they could not speak or meet each other consistently but later when they did meet, the environment between was still the same. They would also eye other people, sometime flirt with them and it did not matter. While the relationship was going so well, a small idea came into boy's mind which is later discussed with his best friend. The boy's idea was that why don't we be girlfriend and boyfriend than just being friends? Afterall they were doing many things together and enjoyed each others company! Girl took some time and finally agreed.

The excitement of entering into a new phase of a relationship masked away those cruel truths which gradually came to light. Though the rules of how a boyfriend and girlfriend should be is never written or told, its been followed by the generation. Some rules are like they should meet daily and go out, there must not be a day when they did not speak to each other, they must not show interest in any other people other than their boyfriend or girlfriend etc. These two free birds had a hard time complying to these rules and making their relationship work though these rules were insisted by them on themselves. Now, even petty things like sending a good morning text message mattered. Girl needed surprises from her boy for every occasion she can possibly name, she needed him to answer all her silly dilemmas, she needed him to assist her by leaving his job in the midsts and so on. Boy was very strict about her speaking to other guys, he needed her to wear clothes approved by him, he needed some time alone in a day and many more. The boy's original thought of they becoming girlfriend and boyfriend was to have more closure with his girl. Girl agreed to it because she felt it would be good for her as she knows him well. But it never went as they both thought which is not a surprise for us who have seen far more worse cases. Later what happened is quite common I guess. They broke after their relationship reached to that unrepairable state where the both them swore they never even see each other's face if they can help it.

So don't you think being as just friends was better in their case?

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Search

Walked on a deserted road
Searching for something that was not there
So lost due to work load
While thinking my life was not fair

Lethargy did not stop my search
My mind was not mine anymore
Though I had paid countless austerties to church
This time it really needed a score

Bright light ended my long quest
My eyes were closed and arms were open
When I totally merged into its crest
Which could happen only once in one life!

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Beast in Me

Soul torn apart by the deeds
Heart stone cold
A mindless creature roams by
Deep within me
I fear I will change though I don't want to
This lust of power of mine knew no bounds.
I know things which i should not know
I realise I made bad choices
I will do anything if I can change back
Even if the task is presumed impossible.
Though I've everything I ever wanted
Still it does not fill the void
I fear my own desires
Don't know till what extent will it drive me
I have changed into some unknown beast from inside
But my intellect is intact
Though it can do nothing
As its been supressed for too long.
It can only wail and wail
When I find myself nearing my end every moment!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Computer Kid

Glued to the chair on which he sat
He typed hard tat tat tat
His eyes behind glasses were wide open
While he clicked on the window to make it reopen

"Oh i c" he wrote on his IRC
Digital images appeared in his fantasy
Updated his status in facebook
On a funny video he commented look look look!

He had almost forgot to tweet
So he commented on a girl's tweet 'Its so sweet!'
Accepted a friend request in orkut
Then he watched an adult movie uncut

He ended his day with a final status
It said "I'm gonna sleep. Don't make a big fuss."
He thought one day down wasted glued to computer
So what if a day went , tomorrow is another!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


why is it so hard to change
When we know its not out of our range
Why its difficult to comply
When, to good it will imply

Why its hard to change our ways
Though its a stain on our face
Why its difficult to forget the past
When our present is so vast

Why its hard to change our point of view
When we know, with it its hard to live
Why we wanna fight all
When we know at last we will fall

Why its hard to beleive in fate
When we know its never too late
Why is it too hard to change
When we know its not out of our range!

Monday, October 18, 2010


With all the emotions bundled up
He drank tea in his cup
Heavy heart was all he got
When he remembered with whom all he fought

Tethered by the lies he spoke
He was completely broke
Down came his life tumbling
When they knew lie was all he had been telling

He was smudged by his own dirt
Felt stripped down though he wore a shirt
Someone would still forgive him was his hope
Which kept him from hanging himself with a rope

Monday, September 27, 2010

Is this love?

He followed her all round the mall
He held her when she was about to fall
When danger lurked he stood tall
But is this love?

She kissed him saying I love you
She said good guys in this world are few
She paid him off when he was in due
But is this love?

Soon they got married together
Was a grand one like any other
Like this they lived forever
But is this love?Maybe it is!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Sad Song

There was once a girl
Who liked neckalce made of pearl
As to own it she had no money
She worked hard by selling honey

Day and night daily she toiled
Worked hard with her clothes soiled
As the days passed by
Her money stack went up high

Due to fruit of her hard work
She had money to buy her perk
Happy that day was she
And danced under her own tree

She ran to the shop to buy it
Alas by the truck she was hit
Her life was thus ended
With her money on the road stranded!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fear The......

Fear the place when its dark
Fear the words when its untruth
Fear the knife that gave you the mark
Fear the poison inside the fruit

Fear the tree that would fall
Fear the ghost though its not seen
Fear the man who's hefty and tall
Fear the bull that has gone mean

Fear the smoke when you suffocate
Fear the touch that would kill
Fear the return of things you eradicate
Fear the stomach when you've nothing to fill

Fear the god when you do wrong
Fear the life when its hard
Fear the thief when he comes along
Fear the fear when you're not on guard!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Profound Wreckage of Love!

“Man, you’ve good academic record, good paycheck, rich and happy family. What more you need?” asks my friend every time I sit alone brooding in some place. Each time I had that same single reason which he thought to be too trivial to take into consideration. I wished him goodbye and returned to my place as I had to pack my things for my journey. With a large backpack I started towards the bus stand for a long journey to my native.
I got into a random bus which would take me to my destination as I had forgotten to book my seat in advance. I found myself staring at every girl that passed by me which made me feel so embarrassed of myself. Quickly I tried smothering that thought which instead of leaving me alone, haunted me more. Anyway the bus was on its way making its routine stops at every nook and corner of my city. I sat there alone in my seat of the row with eyes closed trying not to think anything. It did not work. Maybe texting my friend would help I thought and did so. I got no reply from. Irritated I tried calling him. But he was busy calling his girlfriend. Damn! I thought. It is not that time my best friend was not available due to some girl. I still remember those envious days I spent with him while he was flirting with some gal. I hate those moments when I felt I achieved nothing in my life as I had no girl! Uncontrollable thoughts brushed my mind which shouted “Oh God! Drop a girl for me” with closed eyes and a sigh. As if God answered my prayer there was a girl sitting beside me. Just a single look was enough for me to consider her to be an angel! Without my own knowledge my heart started beating faster. I was really nervous at the time as no hauntingly beautiful girl such as her had sat next to me in my entire life. At this time I remembered the time I talked to a girl for the first time.
I always have been timid in my entire life in girls’ matter. Knowing that weakness my friends had one day forced me to speak to some girl in my class. Walking towards her made my legs shake and I was sweating furiously. I rehearsed my catch phrase repeatedly though it was just a simple ‘Hi’. At last I said “Hi” to her with a shaky voice. Her pleasant reply made me think girls are not some extraordinary creatures after all!
Coming back from my flashback I found the girl looking out from the window opposite to me. I could not help staring at her and examining it with excitement. She was a girl with sharp crisp features to which I was attracted instantly. She is the most beautiful girl on earth I thought. She was as perfect as a sculpture which was carefully sculpted by a sculptor! I noticed her fair arms and ample breasts. While I feasting my eyes with her beauty she started to turn her head towards me which made me lower my eyes and fake a shoulder scratch. I felt the cool breeze of the night and turned around to my window. My mind was racing and full of unusual thoughts. My mind which was once a pond disturbed by a stone had now become a ocean disturbed by tsunami! I could not get the girl sitting beside out of my mind. So I decided to speak something. I thought of using my usual pickup line ‘hi’. But this time it did not work out quite well as I ended up babling something which she could not understand. She just said “Did you say something?” for which I answered “Nothing!”. Like this I missed my first chance of speaking to her. At this time another incident flashed in my mind.
It was the time when my best friend betrayed me. He did not actually betray me because having a girlfriend does not mean betraying someone. I felt betrayed because everytime I was around he would flirt with her. He was doing it on purpose just to make me envy him or maybe its just in my mind I think. I could not tolertate him enjoying the company of his girl. Once I had wished the girl leave him and come to me! As that thought came so the thought vanished, so fast! Hell I was desperate for a girl.
Now the girl beside was sleepy. I could see she was dizzy. My mind shouted ‘Do something.. SPEAK NOW!!!. If she sleeps then its over. You can do nothing later’. Though I opened my dry mouth no words came out of it. At last she was asleep with her head resting on the grill which was in front of her seat. I am a pathetic human being I thought. All I wanted was a beautiful girl and the universe gave it to me I was afraid to make a move. I hope universe gave me another chance. As if the bus driver heard me he stopped the bus suddenly causing the girl’s head rest on my shoulder due to inertia. “Wow!This is new!” I thought. Never in my life had a girl slept on my shoulder. From some other of my mind a voice said “Don’t get too excited fella! She still doesn’t know she is sleeping on your shoulder. Don’t be too happy cause she might take her head off you when she finds it out!”. This thought made me whisper “Damn!”. As if she heard me she lifted her head a bit, mumbled and went back to her sleep on my shoulder. “That answers it.” I thought. She knows she is resting her head on my shoulder and she likes it! Maybe she likes me or atleast my shoulder. I was happy that atleast I got some girl who likes me. Feeling a bit courageous I looked at her beautiful face with rightly placed eyebrows, slender nose and peacefully closed eyes. Her long black hairs touched my neck giving me a tingling sensation. I felt her warm arms touch mine. Goosebumps were all over me. Her deep-necked T-shirt displayed ample amount of fair cleavage.I could not resist having a brief look at it while she breathed. I thought of stroking her hair but decided not to. Her hair smelled some familiar shampoo which I liked instantly. She also smelled really good. I love her I thought. It might seem foolish to love someone just by looking at them and not knowing anything about them. But in this situation I felt right. I even knew that she would feel the same way about me. I was careful enough not to move lest her sleep would be disturbed. I liked watching her sleep, so calm without any thought about the world around her. She seemed like an angel who had nothing to worry. I wished I could enter her peaceful world where we could live happily forever being just us! These all thoughts built up the confidence in me to speak my mind when she gets up. I wanted to tell how I felt about her and was eager to find out her reaction about all this. I even thought how it would be to make love to her with all the passion and sexual tension building up. Mere of thought of that made me sexually eroused. I struggled to let go of obscene pictures that crossed my mind when the topic sex came up. I realised that however strong a man loves his girl he is not devoid of the thought of having sex with her. I think its imprinted in their genes. I felt the urge to please her in every way possible. I wanted to give her everything she wanted and she has dreamed of. She should feel lucky to have me and would never leave me. I would be anything for her from a king to her slave if she wanted me to be. That would be my commitment. I even imagined what kind of wedding ring I would gift her! I also decided a place for our honeymoon.  Its too much to think of wedding with the girl whose name I did not know I thought. Anyway I liked the thought of being with her forever. Again I looked at her serene face for acceptance of my thoughts. I thought even she would like it if I told what all I thought about us. Thinking of all these possibilities I drifted into sound dreamless sleep.
The stopping of my bus in the morning woke me up. Surprisingly she was still asleep on my shoulder. It was a surprise because usually women are more sensitive to changing environment than men and according to this theory she should have been up by now. As my destination had arrived I decided to wake her up. I tried it but she never got up. Her hands were strangely cold. By then many people had surrounded and we all knew what a cold, unmoving body means. My head was empty. I just walked by all the people who were staring at the body silently as if the whole world had become still!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Word From A Boy Who Was Toyed

This has gone far
I've been a fool for long
Fed up of being a toy
And moved around all time

Want to break free
But something is keeping me
Want to fly high
But something is holding me

I was a bait for everything
Standing on an empty ground
All took me for granted
And tossed me around all time

That which holds me still
Is a strong bond of faith
Which can't be easily broken
So I still get pushed around all time!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Story Behind My Stories!

Some may say life is obliged to abide by the rules of the fate. Some others may say that your life is governed by the star of your birth. But ultimately your life is what you make out of it. What you sow that you reap. By sowing a cactus plant you cannot expect to give out some good fruit.
Every life has a purpose and a person who discovers it can win that battle. Not everyone is interested in finding it. Most people do not know why they are here.
Let us set the spiritual thing aside for now. Let me tell about myself and what I am going to tell in the following pages. I am a boy and you can call me anything. Do not think I am a professional writer or something. I just wanted to write. I was and I am really crazy about reading novel. Many of my friends knew this and one fine day they had asked me “After all you have read these many number of books why don’t you write one?” “You are a fool to tell that. What do you think, is it easy to write a book? Even in my dreams I had not thought of it.”I said. “Cut that crap man. Don’t tell me you have nothing in your head that you can pen it down into a book.” snapped my friend. Though they had all gone after a few minutes of conversation, the thought of writing a book still lingered in my mind. Yes I will write I told to myself. But what do I write? Philosophy? Comedy? No, nobody would mind to read it as there are lots of books on that. I must write something which would attract the reader’s attention I decided. What would attract a reader’s attention was a million dollar question to me. After scratching my head for several days I got some ideas which I developed into stories. Under this section you will find my stories!


Time and opportunity wait for none
So wastage of time is no fun
For people like us
Usage of time is a big fuss

We prepare time table
To follow it we are unable
Is that the only problem?
Though its the failure's emblem

We should try hard and manage it
Otherwise we are called unfit
It must be taken as a challenge
On time we have to take revenge!!


Forest is an exciting place
Which is nature's jewel case

Its the house of beast and birds
Who are happy in their herds

But now man has disturbed it
And converted it into compost pit

Only some wastelands are undisturbed
Because of destruction, nature is perturbed

Forest are for living and to take rest
Its better if we make use of it to the best!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Uncontrolled Flight!

Amongst some astronauts
One was chosen
To carry out the job of astronauts
And he was an Indian

His work was just to fly
In a big spaceship
Above the imaginary sky
To repair a stationed airship

On the day of his flight
He was clipped to his seat
For him its wasn't a plight
As he was fit for it

Yeah he was launched!
Along with his rocket
To the vast ether which looked
Like one gigantic star-set

Astronaut began his work
With enthusiasm and spirit
Alas he couldn't complete his work
As nature didn't allow it

He was carried away
By a cosmic wind
With high speed which made him sway
Where no one goes except wind!

Warning Note

Detective Mike Teer
As a burglar I'm writing to you
And I know your powers are not few
Today I wanna burgle your neighbors house
Don't you dare disclose it even to your spouse
And if you get some uniformed cop
I know how to make him flop
So keep your mouth shut
Your threateningly Henry Blut!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Birth of 'Supraman'

Unease prevailed in the laboratory
As the wise machines plied
To make their work satisfactory
Their master moved to and fro like a tide

Outside,the plebians were ignorant
Of what the great-minds were longing
And it came to their cognizant
Only when the news went spreading

This dewy news broke out through gazette
About the creating of 'Supraman'
Which would be added to the heroes palette
And be the earth's real superman

This creature had the eyes of a cat
And the nose of a dog
He could behold a pollen on the mat
And smeel the spoor amidst the fog

His acquired characters were bestowed
By the genes of the respective beast
No evil temparament he showed
As he had his reasoning to feast

Since then he was a hero
In the minds of common banals
They considered him so
As he gave the bad, severe penals!

Ode To Tsunami

The invincible tsunami punced upon the city
As a mighty lion captures its prey
And it destroyed the dwelling without a pixel of pity

With its mighty arms outstretched
It ingressed, trampling and strangling
While the helpless peaople groaned and twitched

Oh tsunami I think you're God's own destroyer
And abiding his command
You came here as his cruel saboteur!

Ghoul Routine

When the light fills the sky
And the chirping birds fly high
I sleep in my old coffin
After my night's heavy tiffin!

Vultures and candors live with me
But they dare not to be my enemy
Because I'm the great grotesque ghoul
Who haunts every night with noisy howl!

Night is my crucial time
To undertake my routine crime
So I rest when all are up
And when all rest I'm up!

I dine on corpse
Then destroy all crops
This is my daily routine
Do you dare come in between?

The Lonely Gate

Lonely I stand
Before every property
And guard that land
With my own liberty

In spite of my lethargy
I shield my place from robbers
And when I loose my energy
God refills it through nature

I don't know why
Nobody cares about me,as I do
They pass by me as if I'm on sky
To get attention I know not what to do

Even my master doesn't care me
But I do it to everyone
For that,one day he'll feel for me
So I still continue caring each one!

A Sonnet Of Life

Life is a mixture of sweet and sour
So when thou is happy do not uproar
The sorrow behind always follows
Which are like sharp little arrows
If thou does a good work
Into thy life good will lurk
And if its a bad deed
Bad will be on the lead
What thou does that thou gain
It maybe merry or the pain
Wanting a happy life
One must leave the bad knife
Oh life!We all will use thee fruitfully
And try to live peacefully!