Friday, May 9, 2014

About love, anger and sadness

They say being in love is the most amazing feeling in the world. But what they do not say is with love comes its two best friends anger and sadness. To the outside these feelings might not seem to be interconnected with each other but in reality they are. The weird thing is that these three feelings are felt upon the same person.

Feeling of love is when your lover does even the small things you like. It feels like a warm beverage slowly drifting down into the esophagus on a very cold day. It feels like moment should never end. The whole world is forgot and your lover is everything for you at that moment. A simple touch from him/her sends electric sparks all over your body. How much ever I put this feelings into words it feels like its still missing some major part. Words are not sufficient to describe feelings of love.

Then there is anger. This is felt on the lover when he/she does not do what you say or does against your wishes or sometimes does not speak up for his/her actions. This best friend of love also manifests for tiny reasons usually, just like the feeling of love. This feelings chooses some way to come out and express itself. It might take channels like harsh words, corporal punishment, hurling of surrounding items etc. Sometimes this feelings might stay inside only to lash out some other day in the future when similar events unfold. When anger overtakes you, love quietly but temporarily leaves you. Your empathy, care and selflessness also take a break. When love returns back you feel guilty of your actions of anger.

Last but very powerful feeling is sadness. It happens when lover does something or if something happens that was beyond your as well as his/her control. Sometimes even anger gets converted into sadness if your display of anger did not affect your partner or partner ignored it. Sadness is slightly the opposite feeling of love. Instead of warm feelings there is this uncanny coldness surrounding your body. There is also a slight pain in the heart as if someone is piercing it with a pin. In some cases makes you question yourself why you fell in love, is the partner you chose the right one, is it worth to be in relationship etc.

My question is why love gets its best friends anger and sadness wherever it goes? Why the feeling of love is not eternal without flickers? Is it because there is always a good and bad side for everything just like Yin and Yang in nature? No wonder a Kannada movie says 'Be alone to be happy, be happy to be alone'!

PS: Not supporting any side here. This is just my opinion. Everything in life has its own pros and cons.