Thursday, January 23, 2014


Everyone is a soldier in their own way
In life they fight obstructions that lay.

Each new day they wake up to face
The world with its infinite bizarre ways.

In spite of uncertainties of being alive for the day
They walk out of their home to embrace Sun's ray.

They get into relationships knowing the odds
And keep partners' happy with sacrifices and nods.

Knowing the atrocity of an accident
They drive everyday without a dramatic incident.

Hence each one is a soldier in their own way
And will keep on facing life everyday!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Each time I sat to write
Everything around me tried stopping
I cleared my mind to find some light
And brain ordered a limbic shutdown

Fighting these odds I pondered
Where is my enthusiasm to write?
Why are my thoughts so unordered?
What is that thing I am missing?

Realised it is all in my priorities
Passion makes me invest my time
I will make use of my amenities
And strive to write again!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Monotonous Life

Life seems so monotonous these days. Everyday the same set of actions I do resulting in same outcome. I had thought this new year would be different. But no it isn't. I am doing what I assume, the same things I was doing at this time last year.

People with zeal towards life (or at the least pretend they are happy doing exciting things in their lives) would start giving me tips on how to live my life. Actually you know what Mr.ZealTowardsLifeHuman I do not need suggestions because this monotonousness keeps my life balanced. I know exactly what I am going to do tomorrow and what will be its outcome. Hence I have very few surprises left.

Some people like to live a life fully of adrenalin rush (or maybe I just think that way about them). Maybe they like life full of surprises with life hurling challenges and unexpected turns. I am simple person wanting a simple life without much unexpected turns. If a day comes when I really want some challenge I will surely ask life that day.

I am told I am lazy. So what? I like my laziness. I live my life as I want unlike some hypocrites out there! I do what I like and when I like. People who like poking into others' life, give suggestions about how to live please stay away. Even if you do come near and start pouring your knowledge gems on me, I will just put you in my ignore list. If my ignore list does not keep you away then be ready to hear some foul language!