Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Why it feels like my heart would stop?
Why this pain feels so new?
Why it feels like my life is a big flop?
Why it feels like my life stood on strings few?

Why am I staring at the ceiling with my damp eyes?
Why am I feeling crushed?
Why I feel nothing in this world is nice?
Why all good feelings went to dust?

Anything I do feels pointless now
Engulfed by the agony in my heart
Is this what I get in return for my true love?
A feeling a being torn apart!


Ananya said...

Nice take on the prompt, if you turn off your word verification it would be easier to comment.

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Lovely said...

Hurt is deep but it does lessen with time

Unknown said...

Oh no, it doesn't!

Unknown said...

Oh no, it doesn't!