Saturday, September 18, 2010

Story Behind My Stories!

Some may say life is obliged to abide by the rules of the fate. Some others may say that your life is governed by the star of your birth. But ultimately your life is what you make out of it. What you sow that you reap. By sowing a cactus plant you cannot expect to give out some good fruit.
Every life has a purpose and a person who discovers it can win that battle. Not everyone is interested in finding it. Most people do not know why they are here.
Let us set the spiritual thing aside for now. Let me tell about myself and what I am going to tell in the following pages. I am a boy and you can call me anything. Do not think I am a professional writer or something. I just wanted to write. I was and I am really crazy about reading novel. Many of my friends knew this and one fine day they had asked me “After all you have read these many number of books why don’t you write one?” “You are a fool to tell that. What do you think, is it easy to write a book? Even in my dreams I had not thought of it.”I said. “Cut that crap man. Don’t tell me you have nothing in your head that you can pen it down into a book.” snapped my friend. Though they had all gone after a few minutes of conversation, the thought of writing a book still lingered in my mind. Yes I will write I told to myself. But what do I write? Philosophy? Comedy? No, nobody would mind to read it as there are lots of books on that. I must write something which would attract the reader’s attention I decided. What would attract a reader’s attention was a million dollar question to me. After scratching my head for several days I got some ideas which I developed into stories. Under this section you will find my stories!

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