Thursday, September 16, 2010

Birth of 'Supraman'

Unease prevailed in the laboratory
As the wise machines plied
To make their work satisfactory
Their master moved to and fro like a tide

Outside,the plebians were ignorant
Of what the great-minds were longing
And it came to their cognizant
Only when the news went spreading

This dewy news broke out through gazette
About the creating of 'Supraman'
Which would be added to the heroes palette
And be the earth's real superman

This creature had the eyes of a cat
And the nose of a dog
He could behold a pollen on the mat
And smeel the spoor amidst the fog

His acquired characters were bestowed
By the genes of the respective beast
No evil temparament he showed
As he had his reasoning to feast

Since then he was a hero
In the minds of common banals
They considered him so
As he gave the bad, severe penals!

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